Adriene Law

The Book

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This is the story of one woman’s journey...

of redemption and discovery of who she is really designed and destined to be in God’s story. You will be inspired as she shares her discoveries and victories through some very powerful words and promises that God speaks over each of us. This is her journey towards that perfect peace with God, as she captures what Romans 12:2 means to her – the renewing of her mind while proving the will of God.

She invites us to welcome these promises into our lives and to start looking at ourselves through the promises and designs God has for us, instead of how we so often see ourselves. This book challenges us to believe God’s promises (and their transformational power) and to see the truth of His word for you and me.



I really enjoy the journey the author is on, and the way the book is written - like you're having your own conversation with God. I don't share all the same experiences as the author, but I can certainly relate each thing to times and places in my own life. This book is filled with hope and promise! - Heather (5*)
Wonderfully Inspiring book that invites us to really look into how much we are loved by God and with a growing relationship within helps us truly understand our identity. This book oozes vulnerability, honesty, and feels like you are having a conversation with the author. This book will change your life if you let it !!!! - Steven (5*)
After reading this book and I can say that it was instrumental in restoring my identity and overcoming my feelings of unworthiness. I am thankful for Adriene’s transparency and obedience for it is changing lives. ~ Deanne (5*)
These are the words that come to my mind as I reflect on this book. Breath for the breathless, and hope for the hopeless. Transformational for those seeking to walk in the image and transformation of God. ~ Lauren (5*)
An empowering and thoughtful journey of discovery. Nicely laid out and easy to pick up and get nuggets of wisdom. A nice balance of the personal and the biblical with space to make notes and add one's own perspective and favorite passages. I wish her continued success on her journey and may she help you in yours. ~ Sarah (4*)
This book is awesome! You will laugh. You will cry. You will be on a journey of discovery. It's so good!! ~ Rachel (5*)
A perfect rendition of how God loves and sees us! ~ Maggie
A great revelation and personal testimony!! I believe this book is relevant wherever you are walking with Christ, whether you are new believer or if you have had a relationship with Jesus for years. A must read!! ~ Lynn (5*)


%22I Am...%22Recipient of four 5 star professional reviews.png

Readers' Favorite Review: I am able, I am amazing, I am alive, I am anointed, and I am a channel are powerful affirmations that introduce each section of this life-changing book. I have read a lot about positive affirmations, but hardly ever have I read a book that so beautifully and masterfully presents the psychological and religious foundations to thinking positively and claiming one’s identity as intimately linked to God’s design for their life. I Am . . .: Identity Crisis Undone—the Discovery of Who We Are Through the Eyes of God by Adriene Law is one woman’s journey to herself, a journey to her center, to the place where she feels loved and accepted unconditionally. She shares her experience of redemption, showing readers how she transformed from a confused person who never understood who she really was to becoming a self-confident person, with a strong sense of self-worth, a person capable of developing healthy relationships and reaching deeper levels of freedom and happiness. 

The noise in the world — from the media, movers and shakers of this world, to friends and family — can be very strong, drowning the tiny and reassuring voice that wakes us from within, the voice that reminds us of who we really are. In a world where we can be misled to believe the things that the world tells us, this book comes as a powerful invitation to reconnect with the very source of our life, to see ourselves as our Creator sees us. I Am . . .: Identity Crisis Undone—the Discovery of Who We Are Through the Eyes of God is delivered with confidence, in a language that flows gracefully, and with a message that compels us to redefine our relationship with God and with ourselves. Adriene Law’s is a new voice of inspiration that will wake many up and encourage them to pursue their destiny. A timely message!


Readers' Favorite Review: There couldn’t have been a better book to read this time than I Am . . .: Identity Crisis Undone—the Discovery of Who We Are Through the Eyes of God by Adriene Law, a book that trains the reader to shift their self-perception and embrace the person they are in the eyes of the Creator. I connected with the author from the very first lines of this inspiring book: “I am marvelous. I am wonderfully made. I am a work of art. Those are incredibly bold things to think of myself, and honestly, there are days when I can look at myself through my own eyes, and I really don’t see it.” The author takes readers on her personal journey of faith, a journey of personal transformation and utter liberation, and as one reads her story, one begins to discover that hers is the story of most of us, because it is God’s story for us, the story of our “Beloved-ness,” one that the world doesn’t want us to hear. The less we are aware of this story, the more we suffer. 

The book is written in an evocative, popular style and a compelling voice. It is one of the books that fans of Henri Nouwen’s Life of the Beloved: Spiritual Living in a Secular World will adore. In the midst of our struggles, it is easy to look at whom to blame and at times we even blame God for what happens to us, but this author unveils the mystery of our vulnerability, letting readers understand — through powerful biblical references — that they are held unconditionally in love by the God who created them. This thought alone is enough to drive in the positive change we all need in any area of our lives, allowing ourselves to be loved by God and letting that healing love flow into our relationships, into our work, in our exercise of Christian virtues. I Am . . .: Identity Crisis Undone—the Discovery of Who We Are Through the Eyes of God is loaded with wisdom and readers will enjoy the way the author weaves her personal experiences and insights into the writing. Here is a book to be received with gratitude and to share as a gift. It is one of the tools you’ll need to discover the inner freedom of being loved.


Readers' Favorite Review: We are what we think and what we consistently feed into our minds, but there is more to who we are than meets the eye. I Am . . .: Identity Crisis Undone—the Discovery of Who We Are Through the Eyes of God by Adriene Law is a book that offers powerful answers to the perennial, not-so-often considered, but fundamental question of who we really are. Adriene Law invites readers to journey with her in a story of redemption and the startling discovery of her worth. A woman who has suffered so many defeats and failures in her life, her sense of worth and a clear idea of her purpose came about the moment she understood that she didn’t have to keep on looking at herself through the eyes of the world, but through the eyes of her Creator and Savior. 

Through an honest encounter with the word of God in the Bible, the author rediscovered her preciousness and self-worth. Looking at herself through the eyes of God, she grasped the very essence of her life, understanding how immensely she’s been loved, growing in self-confidence and the values that make her relate more genuinely with others, embracing the path of love and compassion. I Am . . .: Identity Crisis Undone—the Discovery of Who We Are Through the Eyes of God is one of those rare books that demystify the lies we have been fed from childhood. It unlocks the door to the freedom of the Children of Light, allowing readers to transform themselves from within, accepting the fundamental truth of who they are. The writing is wonderful and it is laced with powerful biblical references and verses that communicate hope and life, helping readers to look at themselves differently, healthily, and positively.


Readers' Favorite Review: Do these words mean anything to you: “Underneath my skin and buried somewhere deep in my soul, I knew I was a good and decent person, but for the life of me, I could not figure out why I was here or why I had to endure so much in my life. I had no purpose, felt no value, and saw little worth in myself. With each failure, I felt defeated…” Has there been a time in your life when you felt you were floating, like there was no direction in your life, and as though you were just another statistic in the general scheme of things? You wouldn’t be alone and, having felt that way, Adriene Law set out on a journey to find answers. I Am . . .: Identity Crisis Undone—the Discovery of Who We Are Through the Eyes of God is a stunning revelation that will change the way you look at life and at yourself. 

With brilliance and in a voice loaded with compassion, the author forces readers to look at themselves the right way — the way God looks at them. In telling her story, she identifies the obstacles that prevent most of us from embracing the truth of who we are, from accepting the fact that we are unconditionally loved by God. This is a book about one woman’s search for meaning and the undeniable truth that we are worth more than we can ever think in the eyes of the Creator. Here is a book with a message that will shift your self-perception and help you gain a deeper sense of self-worth, rediscovering the confidence to connect with your voice in a world that is filled with noise, and finding your purpose in a world where relativism takes precedence. The writing is sweeter than candy, inspiring, and upbeat. This is one of the gifts we receive occasionally, one to own and to share with others. This book will change your life.