Adriene Law


I Am Loved

Your love for me Lord is something I cannot explain or comprehend.  

I read Your word and it is a book of love.  As a parent teaches a child, and brings them up in love, You are that way with me. 

I sometimes wonder why, but my wondering can detract me from You; it places doubt in my head and in my heart; I simply have to trust what You say.  I know that I’m not deserving of so much, yet You continue to bless me, forgive me, correct me and raise me.  I am so grateful that Your love is not earned but freely given to all who seek You.  You are gentle, merciful and kind.
Every good and perfect thing is of You and I long to be more like You Lord; to see Your heart and walk yet more closely with You.  This is a daily desire.

I find when I trust You and place my faith in You, and experience all Your goodness, You give me a greater yearning to trust You more.  You have never failed me, yet I fail You often. 
Help me to grow in You Lord, so that I can be a solid witness of Your kingdom, Your glory and Your love.  Let me shine in this darkness just as You shine in my darkness.  Let me love as You love Lord. 
Thank You for this day, for another chance to walk in Your love Jesus.

Adriene Law