Adriene Law


A Chosen Child

Lord, You have blessed me with every spiritual blessing in Heaven through Christ Jesus.  It is a humbling honor to be Your chosen child. 

As You love me, let me love others.  Let the glory of my Lord shine through me as I am a living witness to all that You are.  Let forgiveness of others, as well as for myself, rule my heart while chains that bind are broken and as You delivered this day.

Let me grow in Your love, Your wisdom, Your peace Lord.  Let Your word live and breathe inside of me. Let all that I do be for Your glory Lord.  Let me show Your mercy and grace to others, just as You have shown it to me.  I am but a humble servant, weak in this world yet overcoming through Your strength.

You continue to bless me in so many ways Lord – the deeper I go in relationship with You, the more I have to grateful for.  Your love for me has no end!

Thank You Jesus for loving me more than I can possibly comprehend!

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