Adriene Law



The Bible is the source to discovering and getting to know God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Many don’t like it because it is filled with instructions and worse, commands. It’s also filled with choices and consequences. 

God says “if you love Me, you will (fill in the blank).”

What’s wonderful is that we get to choose whether we’re going to love Him as He says, or not. It’s not a negotiable thing. It’s either love Me this way or don’t love Me. Yet we are free to choose. We’re either all in or all out. Luke warm is an abomination. 

He sets out for us choices. He says ‘Do this and X will happen. Do that and Y will happen. Please choose X because I love you.’ At no point is He trying to harm us. He’s laying it all out because He loves us. 

Stubbornness, pride, and even worse - fear - block us from receiving or yielding to Him. Yet it’s all laid out, literally in black and white (and sometimes red) for us. We know ahead of time what is going to happen because He’s already communicated it to us. Are we listening? Are we paying attention to the words that the person who loves us so much desperately wants us to hear?

God doesn’t settle for less than He’s worth when it comes to our love for Him. He grows us into His fullness IF we let Him. So why do we settle for less and stop ourselves short of the fullness and the fruitfulness and all the blessings that we are worth?

~ Adriene Law

Adriene Law