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I Am... by Adriene Law - Donate

I Am... by Adriene Law - Donate


Donate $10 to help us get these books into the hands of the disenfranchised and those in need!  Thanks for your support!

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Like many Christian authors, Adriene’s goal with her “I Am…” book was not to become famous or rich, but to spread the message of the Kingdom that is so close to her heart.  She started blogging and posting identity-based graphics long before this book was even a thought.  She watched as people around her grew in their God-given identity and the dramatic change it made on their lives.  These changes, even within herself and her own family, were the catalyst to write “I Am…”. 

“If knowing God’s true desire for us and who we are really created to be can impact myself and my family to this degree, there must be others out there who need this to” she said, “My life, my husband’s life, the lives of friends profoundly changed when we had a lens shift and started to see ourselves the way God does.”

Adriene embarked on this venture, using her own life experiences with Jesus, and wrote “I Am…”.  Her goal with the book is to help others who have struggled with identity, life issues, depression, abuse and addiction, to name just a few things, showing them relatable experiences, comfort, encouragement, hope and that God truly loves them regardless of what they have done or who they have become.

There are many people who will never enter a book store, have access to online shopping or indeed be able to afford to buy more than what is absolutely essential to their daily living.  Yet many of these people need this message the most.

When “I Am…” was completed and sent to the publisher, Adriene, with the blessing of her husband Steve, decided that anything above and beyond the costs of producing her book would be re-invested into getting free books out to the disenfranchised, spreading the message of love, forgiveness, hope and a future.  This includes, but is not limited to, putting free copies in shelters, soup kitchens and recovery homes, and being able to replenish the copies when needed. 

If you feel led to participate in this venture, please do!  With the “Give A Book” donation, you will be contributing towards getting this message to disenfranchised people all over North America.  We would even love it if you could suggest a shelter, recovery home etc in your own area that we could send books to!

Bless you greatly for your consideration and prayer to this!